Shotcrete Meshes

In Supnego we produce different kinds of meshes for gunning techniques.

Exist specific meshes according to the needs and applications such as,different natural aspects of theme parks, fireproof constructions under the effect of aggressive gases, swimming pools, slope failure and every type of ground surfaces.


Most usual is Galvanized Iron.


We can provide the mesh in different formats or coils, most usual are between widths of 300 mm until 600 mm and length of 20 mts. and 100 mts.

Diagonal length

From LD 10 mm x SD 5 mm to LD 30 mm x SD 15 mm.

LD: Long Diagonal

SD: Short Diagonal

P: Strip Width (Depending on “E”)

E: Thickness

  • Mallas para el gunitado
  • Mallas para el gunitado
  • Mallas para el gunitado