Façades meshes

The expanded metal is very decorative in order to be used on all kinds of buildings turning them from ordinary into fashionable, stylish and contemporary ones.

In addition, it has light filtering and redirecting properties.

Lattice Window

It can be used to construct sliding lattice windows in order to protect people from the sunshine in office buildings and apartments.


Galvanized Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, etc...


Natural, RAL to choose and "Corten".

Diagonal length

Wide range of formats from: LD: 16 mm x SD: 8 mm, hasta LD: 80 mm x SD: 40 mm changing its structure depending on the thickness and the strip width of the chosen material.


Wide range from 0 mm to 1250 mm and length to 3500 mm.

Depending on the elected material could exist some limitation with the thickness.

(*) Please, for further information contact our Technical Department.

LD: Long Diagonal

SD: Short Diagonal

P: Strip Width (Depending on “E”)

E: Thickness

  • Façades meshes
  • Façades meshes
  • Façades meshes
  • Façades meshes